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See what our customers have to say about CashFlo

"CashFlo's vendor financing program revolutionised our process, providing our vendors with instant working capital and reducing risk. This innovative approach has strengthened our relationships and given us a competitive edge."
Biren Shah
Former CFO,
Manjushree Technopack
"CashFlo's AP Automation solution has been a game-changer for us. It has eliminated the need for email approvals, streamlined approvals process, ensured 100% process compliance and brought transparency into payments for our vendors as well as internal stakeholders."
Dhyanesh Shah
Mosaic Wellness
"CashFlo's solutions have made a significant difference, ensuring better visibility on vendor payments. Its robust GST compliance checks have improved our financial management, features like Vendor KYC and Bank Verification have eliminated manual tasks, enabling us to make smarter decisions, and saving a lot of time and effort."
Sagar Vidolkar
Managing Director,
Maha Active
maha active
"We have been using CashFlo's online invoice discounting platform. With CashFlo, we can easily access the funds we need without worrying about delayed payments or unexpected expenses. It is online, and very efficient and convenient to use."
Rajiv Duggal
General Manager,
Amson Print and Pack
"CashFo's invoice early payment unlocked growth and expanded. Yash Lifestyle's revenues by 25% in 2020. Their platform enabled us to keep working, keep paying salaries and keep growing during the pandemic. Highly recommend CashFlo to any business looking to unlock their growth potential."
Yash Shah
Yash lifestyle
yash lifestyle
"CashFlo was able to scale-up the program faster than any other platform. We found the price discovery mechanism on CashFlo far better than any other platform. After a thorough evaluation, we believe we have chosen the right partner for our long-term vendor finance & automation needs."
Yatin Desai
Group Treasury Head,
yash lifestyle
"We have nearly 60% of our domestic payments being handled on CashFlo right now. That number will soon go up to 90% once another division within Apar goes live on CashFlo. Throughout this journey, there has been top level involvement from CashFlo’s side."
Ramesh Iyer
Apar Industries
yash lifestyle

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