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Gear up for growth and close books faster with no scope for errors

Eliminate manual data entry and ensure 100% process adherence with automated invoice reading and liability booking
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Automate Invoice Capture From All Channels

Real-time invoice capture from email / Whatsapp or Excel
Uploaded invoices saved in a repository for future reference

Automated Data Extraction using advanced OCR technology

Extract invoice data using next generation OCR technology (with built-in AI / ML algorithms) with near-100% accuracy
Automatically validate by comparing with ERP master data

Two-way or Three-way Match Between Invoice, PO & GRN

Match all invoice line items with PO and GRNs
Save time by focusing only on mismatches / discrepancies
Automatically post the approved invoice in the ERP after validation

Custom Approval workflows & Cross-Stakeholder Collaboration

Approve POs, send PO to vendors, validate invoice data all on 1 platform with detailed audit trails
Customize the invoice maker-checker process with no need of manual data entry
Communicate within your team over each document (POs or invoices)
Spend time on only value adding tasks and eliminate the manual data entry
Close books faster. No more burning the midnight oil during financial periods
Eliminate errors and improve the process control with intelligent verifications
Always be audit ready. Save time by having access to detailed digital audit trails
Ditch email and WhatsApp and welcome a much more efficient way to get approvals.
Achieve your sustainability goal by going completely paperless
Give your AP team the advantage of eliminating the manual work thus saving time
Have 100% process adherence & detailed audit trails. Your auditors will love this

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