Dynamic vendor financing

Optimize working capital while increasing treasury returns or extending payable days

Improve EBITDA by up to 3% through early payments or use external funds to extend payable days at 0% interest rate
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Trusted by 3000+ companies :

12%+ risk-free returns on treasury funds or unutilized bank lines

Pay your vendors early and capture dynamic cash discounts for EBITDA improvement
Leverage CashFlo’s AI-powered price-discovery engine for discovering the sweet spot for both buyers and vendors
Unique on-demand access to working capital at personalized rates for vendors anytime, anywhere

Extend payable days at rates even lower than on TREDS

Avail longer credit periods with suppliers by leveraging funds from external financiers at interest rate
Access network of 20+ financiers in addition to TReDS platforms
Enable additional working capital facility to all your vendors at a price that works for them

PO financing, GRN based financing

Provide access to unsecured credit for raw material purchases to vendors so that they can service your orders on time
Cover suppliers across entire credit spectrum (including SMEs) with poor credit profiles
Leverage CashFlo’s comprehensive network of 20+ banks and NBFCs or deploy own capital at PO stage with risk protection from CashFlo
Enable logistics vendors to avail early payments at GRN stage

Fully digitized journey with Whatsapp based discounting

Increase vendor penetration by enabling 1-click discouting through WhatsApp
10+ local languages supported to cover breadth of the supply chain
Vendors enjoy instant sanction

Hands-on managed services to ensure program success

Real value unlock through on-ground team to support buyers and vendors
CashFlo runs extensive program for vendor onboarding and training to use the platform
Innovative vendor engagement initiatives such as phone-based order booking and loyalty programs
Strengthen supply chain with liquidity at affordable rates and improve procurement terms with vendor
Full vendor-base coverage on a single multi-bank platform with personalized vendor-level pricing
Avoid the risk of vendor passing back the discount onto other future invoices
Completely digital journey from vendor onboarding to running the program at scale
Debt-free liquidity: Reduce dependence on bank loans or use of personal savings
Access to working capital in 1-click with no credit check or collateral requirement
Option for vendors to discount any invoices at anytime at a rate that works for them
WhatsApp based discounting & automation at every step for scheduling & reminders
Earn outsized treasury returns, improve EBITDA or extend payable days
On-demand access to working capital at desired rates

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