Dynamic Discounting

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Get paid for invoices raised to your customers within 24hrs. No need to wait 30, 60, 90 days for payments.
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How does it work ?

CashFlo has partnered with India’s biggest companies, to help you get paid sooner. If you work 
with one of our partner companies, you can get early payments on all your invoices.
Step 1:
You submit an invoice to your customer (who has partnered with CashFlo)
Step 2:
Customer approves the invoice.
Step 3:
You offer a discount on the invoice to get paid early (via CashFlo platform 
or via CashFlo
Step 4:
Customer accepts your discount
Step 5:
You get paid within 24hrs by CashFlo.
Step 6:
Your customer repays CashFlo on the due date.

Simplified Early
Payments Process

Email, call or WhatsApp based discounting process.
No documentation required from your end.
Simply propose a discount, and get paid as soon as your customer accepts it.

It’s a prepayment. Not a Loan

Use this innovative solution that does not show on your books as a loan.
Shows as an early payment from the customer.
You get paid sooner. Your books stay debt free.

The Freedom to choose which invoices to discount

Choose which invoices to discount and by how much.
Dynamically adjust discounts for each invoice to maximize revenue.
Alternatively, pre-decide discounting rates to get auto-payment within 24hrs of invoice approval.

Get cash earlier. Grow your business faster.

Maximize your working capital efficiency and boost incoming cash by unblocking your accounts receivables.
Use cash to take on more orders, and grow your business.

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