Unsecured Line of Credit

Access Credit On-Demand with Ease

Unlock financial freedom for your business. With our Unsecured Line of Credit, 
access flexible funds whenever you need them. Say goodbye to constraints and seize 
opportunities for growth with ease.
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Flexible Financing
When You Need It!

Access credit on-demand for various purposes, including purchase financing, vendor 
payments, and employee expenses.
Utilize funds as and when needed, ensuring you have the financial resources to seize 
opportunities and address cash flow gaps.
Pay interest only on the amount used, allowing you to manage costs effectively and optimize 
cash flow.

Competitive Rates,
Minimal Costs

Benefit from the lowest rates in the industry, with interest starting at just 12% per annum, compared to 20%+ for Unsecured Loans otherwise.
Enjoy cost-effective financing solutions with interest rates starting at just 12% per annum.
Experience a seamless and easy application process, with sanction typically within 3 working days.

Financial Support

Obtain credit without the need for collateral, providing peace of mind and reducing risk for your business.

Access funds based on your creditworthiness and business performance, rather than relying on assets or property.
Enjoy the freedom to use funds for various business needs without tying up valuable assets as security.

Empower Your Business with Flexible Repayment Options

Choose from flexible EMI options ranging from 3 to 12 months, allowing you to align 
repayments with your cash flow cycle.
Customize your repayment schedule to suit your business's financial needs and capabilities.
Explore top-up options on your credit limit based on your repayment track record.

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