Spend Analysis

More visibility, control and efficiency of vendor spends in real-time

Say goodbye to being surprises at month-ends. Track spends against budgets and take actions before it’s too late
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Set budgets and appoint team members to manage them

Easily set budgets by department, team or even for a project and for custom timeline
Option to appoint budget owners who are responsible for maintaining the respective budgets
Assign permissions so leaders and managers control their own budgets

Track Spends vs. Budget in real-time  with custom approval workflows

Custom approval workflows for approving payments by type, amount, budget or spender
Option to configure auto-approvals - By setting the limit on types and amount of spends, you don’t have to approve every spend
Spenders can send payment requests instantly from their mobile devices
Budget owners can approve / deny requests on their phone (or online) based on real-time tracking of spend vs budget

Comprehensive reporting of vendor spends and cash flow forecasts

Plan budgets for the next week, month, and quarter by having an accurate cash flow forecast (based on payments that are due, balance in bank, payments expected and more).
Real-time reconciliation of all vendor payments back so you know where the gaps are.
Admins and budget owners can drill down into payments by department, team or project.
Real-time visibility of spends across vendor categories, departments at your fingertips
Faster decision making using real-time reports, no more waiting for reports to be prepared
Quick planning based on consolidated reports and cash flow forecasts
Real-time closure of books so you don’t have to work late at nights on month-ends
No time wasted in creating customised reports for leadership every time they ask
Know about budgets in real-time so you don’t make errors
Use data for insights and faster decision making
Automate low-value work to focus on high-value strategic tasks

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