CashFlo x Apar Industries: Revolutionizing payment processes at a billion-dollar-plus conglomerate

Industrial goods
product used
Payments & Reconciliation, GST Check & Hold
90% of payments being handled via CashFlo platform
~INR 13,000 Crore


Payment processes at APAR spanned from simple vendor payments to complex scenarios such as security deposits, capEx advances, and inter-division payments, among others. For APAR’s frontline users, processing such complex payment scenarios required a significant proportion of their bandwidth and involved a very high level of manual intervention - from creating bank files (APAR had 6 bank accounts with 3 different banks) to making payment entries in their ERP and reconciling accounts with bank statements and vendors. All of this combined with low levels of visibility and audit trails posed significant challenges in creating robust payment processes.

Solution Provided

CashFlo seamlessly integrated with APAR’s SAP ERP instance and made H2H banking integration redundant. CashFlo plugged into the ERP to not just fetch relevant data for vendor liabilities but also post accounting entries across a wide gamut of payment scenarios - syncing adjustments to invoices, processing complex advances and payments with necessary approvals and audit trails, and maximizing ITC claims through GST compliance checks. CashFlo was also able to automate and reconcile complex accounting entries - each with detailed transaction information including UTRs, payment receipts, and more. Apar’s vendors were able to get payment confirmations on WhatsApp and email, a functionality that has been greatly appreciated by both Apar’s team and its vendors.
We have nearly 60% of our domestic payments being handled on CashFlo right now. That number will soon go up to 90% once another division within Apar goes live on CashFlo in the next few months. Throughout this journey, there has been top level involvement from CashFlo’s side. The process of integration has been very smooth.
Ramesh Iyer - CFO
Apar Industries

Key Impact Area

90% payments being handled on CashFlo’s platform across 3 subsidiaries. Invoices are reconciled in SAP seamlessly.


The solutions we provided helped the company grow exponentially in certain areas and here are some highlights
payments being handled on CashFlo’s platform
23 man days
saved every month for the AP team
reduction of potential errors
loss of Input tax credit
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