CashFlo x PM Cona: Providing Seamless Integration for an Electrical Products Manufacturer

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Enhanced transparency and flexibility, reducing manual communications and ensuring faster processing
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PM Cona, a thriving electrical products manufacturer with a vast distribution network of 31 branches, 2000+ dealers, and 500 suppliers, faced a multifaceted challenge rooted in the intricacies of its promoter-led structure. The day-to-day involvement of leadership hindered a holistic view of operations, impeding strategic decision-making. The introduction of GST in 2018 further intensified complexities, with traditional banking systems proving cumbersome for communication and process changes. Managing multiple units, invoicing and supplier payments became laborious, necessitating a transformative solution to streamline financial processes, ensure GST compliance, and foster efficient communication within the extensive business ecosystem.

Solution Provided

CashFlo's holistic approach significantly improved internal and external communication, fostering a seamless flow of information. Two key features became game-changers for PM Cona. First, CashFlo's connection with banks facilitated smooth communication, eliminating tedious processes. Second, its integration with GST allowed real-time tracking of supplier GST compliance, enabling proactive financial management. CashFlo's tools, including invoice visibility, maker-checker, beneficiary addition, and a dynamic discounting portal, further simplified and automated PM Cona's financial processes. CashFlo's impact was felt across various dimensions of PM Cona's business. The platform's real-time GST check empowered PM Cona to assess supplier compliance before payments, a crucial shift from post-facto reconciliation. CashFlo’s Dynamic Discounting portal not only expedited payments for PM Cona but also strengthened supplier relationships, eliminating hesitations and providing a win-win scenario. The automation of invoice-to-invoice payments further enhanced transparency and flexibility, reducing manual communications and ensuring faster processing. CashFlo not only addressed PM Cona's immediate challenges but also ushered in a new era of efficiency, proactivity, and seamless communication in their finance processes, ensuring better financial health for the company and its extensive network of partners.
Thanks to CashFlo, our financial operations at PM Cona have undergone a revolutionary transformation. The seamless integration with banks and real-time GST tracking has brought unparalleled efficiency to our complex network of 31 branches, 2000+ dealers, and 500 suppliers. The platform's dynamic discounting portal has not only accelerated payments but has also strengthened our supplier relationships. CashFlo is more than just a solution; it's a catalyst for efficiency, proactivity, and seamless communication. It has truly ushered in a new era for PM Cona, ensuring better financial health for our company and our extensive network of partners.
Mohit Motwani, MD
PM Cona

Key Impact Area

Enhanced Communication and Information Flow, Proactive Financial Management through Real-Time GST Tracking, Strengthened Supplier Relationships and Expedited Payments


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