CashFlo x A Leading Automotive Manufacturer: Powering Financial Transparency and Efficiency for an Automotive Company

product used
Vendor Financing
Increased vendor credit periods by 80%
~INR 2,200 Cr


A leading automotive component manufacturer encountered several challenges in its existing cash discounting program. Vendors, though keen on early payments, were reluctant to agree to extended credit periods. Disputes over discounting rates and apprehensions about passing additional costs onto future prices further complicated the situation. With a substantial spend base of over Rs. 6,000 Crores and a vast network of more than 2,000 active vendors, negotiations on credit periods were time-consuming. The primary concern revolved around the genuine risk of vendors increasing prices over time to compensate for the additional interest cost.

Solution Provided

CashFlo seamlessly integrated with the TREDs program, providing the automotive component manufacturer access to cost-effective working finance. The implementation of a Dynamic Cash Discount program was a game-changer. This allowed vendors to autonomously determine optimal discounting rates, fostering a genuine win-win situation. CashFlo identified vendors' capital needs, prioritized urgent cases, and introduced a comprehensive end-to-end automated process. This ranged from pinpointing capital needs to making early payments, ensuring banks were paid at a later date automatically, and concluding with automated accounting and reconciliation. This holistic solution not only increased credit periods by an impressive 80% without extensive negotiation efforts but also brought about substantial efficiency gains in the financial operations of the automotive component manufacturer.
Our experience with CashFlo has been nothing short of remarkable. They seamlessly integrated with our existing processes, providing an innovative solution that not only increased our credit periods significantly but also brought unparalleled efficiency to our financial operations. The vendor delight, achieved without any negotiation efforts, speaks volumes about the success of this collaboration.
Finance Head
Automotive Component Manufacturer

Key Impact Area

Improved visibility, streamlined automation, and enhanced process quality achieved through Tally integration


The solutions we provided helped the company grow exponentially in certain areas and here are some highlights
Increase in credit periods
Increase in vendor pricing
Average lower cost of funding
1 Click Access
Unparalleled vendor delight
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