INR ~13K Cr leading industrial good conglomerate chose CashFlo to integrate with SAP Hana to automate vendor payments

Industrial goods
product used
Payments & Reconciliation, GST Check & Hold
~5 days saved every month for AP team
~INR 13,000 Crore


This leading chemicals manufacturer was looking for a tech solution to automate their vendor payment processes. The company has 4 business units and 2 subsidiaries with a fairly complex payment structure. 8 bank accounts are used for payments and doing host-to-host integration of SAP with all the banks was not feasible. It meant 9,000+ payment entries, including inter-division payments, every single month to be knocked off manually. Payment itself was manual. All this exposed them to risk of errors and potential frauds, while the entire reconciliation process was very time consuming.

Solution Provided

CashFlo's Payment automation solution was integrated with their SAP, and now works as a layer on top. The client is using the solution to make all the vendor payments, which automates the bank reconciliation of these payments into SAP, including the inter-division payments. This process has massively reduced the time spent on closing books. In addition to this, CashFlo's solution sends customized payment advice to the vendors, with all the details of adjustments made, invoices cleared and UTR. Checking vendor GST compliance while making payments is helping them to save on any Input tax credit loss with ease.
CashFlo has been the key ingredient in transforming our vendor payment process. We save many days of effort with automated bank reconciliation, and now we don't have to worry about bank host-to-host integrations. We can pay using any account, and the solution will do the reverse entry seamlessly.
Large Industrial Goods Player

Key Impact Area

~5 days saved every month for AP team


The solutions we provided helped the company grow exponentially in certain areas and here are some highlights
~5 days
saved every month for AP team
reduction of potential errors
Zero Loss
of Input tax credit
AP Team
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