A leading D2C apparel brand chose CashFlo to automate their end-to-end AP processes from liability booking to bank reconciliation

D2C apparel
product used
AP automation, Payments & Reconciliation, GST Check & Hold
Less than 4 weeks to go-live; Integration with Tally and Vinculum
~INR 400 Crore


The leadership of this D2C apparel brand was looking for a tech solution to automate the finance processes to support their growth aspiration. The team was looking for a solution that can integrate both with their Tally and Vinculum instances and evaluated multiple players that were providing point solutions for automation of the finance processes. The AP team was wasting a lot of time on data mapping between 2 data sources, manual reconciliations and audits were very painful.

Solution Provided

The client evaluated multiple players, but did not find any holistic solution, except CashFlo. They evaluated solutions that provide vendor GST compliance checks, OCR players, and many others but integration of these solutions with both Tally and Vinculum would choke the finance team's bandwidth. They chose CashFlo's solution as it would automate their end-to-end process starting from invoice capture through email right up to bank reconciliation of payments made, while integrating with existing systems just once. This brought down integration cost by 80% and reduced the integration time from 6-8 months to within 1 month.
CashFlo's AP and Payments Automation solution is robust and has automated the end-to-end process. The data now flows from both Tally and Vinculum systems to CashFlo in a seamless way. This has massively simplified our liability booking and vendor payment processes, and now we have a detailed digital audit trail making our life easy during audits.
Leading D2C Apparel Brand

Key Impact Area

Less than 4 weeks to integrate with disjoint systems (Tally and Vinculum) and go live


The solutions we provided helped the company grow exponentially in certain areas and here are some highlights
Single source
of truth for AP data
<4 weeks
to go live
reduction in integration cost
AP team
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