CashFlo x Mosaic Wellness: Powering Financial Transparency and Efficiency for a D2C Brand

Health and Wellness D2C
product used
AP Automation
Zero audit observations on liability booking process
~INR 200 Cr


Mosaic Wellness recognized the need for better control and order in its processes. The internal audit team advised moving away from old-fashioned email approvals and offline methods, suggesting a shift to more adaptable finance processes. At the same time, the founders wanted to eliminate manual data tasks, allowing the finance team to focus on important jobs. Dealing with payments had become complicated, involving manual checks and approvals from different people. The absence of a central system raised concerns for the team and the founders. It was time to upgrade from old manual methods to a smoother, scalable solution that could keep up with Mosaic Wellness's rapid growth.

Solution Provided

CashFlo's AP Automation solution revolutionized Mosaic Wellness's liability booking process, automating invoice capture from emails and achieving a remarkable 95% automation rate through AI-powered OCR technology. The platform efficiently handled mismatches with PO or GRN, providing a streamlined process with detailed digital audit trails. Despite initial challenges in transitioning, identifying system owners and champions proved crucial, enhancing transparency and tracking. Automation not only boosted efficiency but also laid a strong foundation for future planning, offering accurate past data for informed decisions. CashFlo's collaborative approach resulted in a positive experience, aligning seamlessly with internal processes and significantly enhancing financial efficiency and transparency at Mosaic Wellness. CashFlo's AP Automation solution not only optimized Mosaic Wellness's internal financial processes but also enhanced vendor satisfaction significantly. The automated system not only eradicated the delays associated with manual processes but also generated reliable and consistent data. The elimination of discrepancies and the heightened visibility into payment statuses have provided Mosaic Wellness with dependable data, enabling them to plan for the future with a high level of detail. This robust and accurate information has not only contributed to vendor contentment but has also elevated the overall efficiency and positivity of the vendor communication experience for Mosaic Wellness.
CashFlo's AP Automation solution has been a game-changer for us. It has eliminated the need for email approvals, streamlined the approval process, ensured 100% process compliance, and brought transparency into payments for our vendors as well as internal stakeholders. The ability to have the system map our processes, rather than the other way around, has been the single biggest positive for us. We appreciate the support from the team in ensuring a seamless integration, especially given our concern about avoiding significant disruptions to our established workflows. CashFlo's integration with all our internal systems has indeed been where the magic happens, eliminating the isolation that often comes with implementing new solutions.
Dhyanesh Shah
Mosaic Wellness

Key Impact Area

Improved visibility, streamlined automation, and enhanced process quality achieved through Tally integration.


The solutions we provided helped the company grow exponentially in certain areas and here are some highlights
productivity improvement in liability booking
~5 days
saved in a month on AP processes
approvals with digital audit trails
AP Process
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